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Massage and Healing Yourself

Life is a process of death and resurrection. The Yin night becomes the Yang day which becomes the night, then day again, as the cycle repeats. This principle of life is intended to cleanse you of everything that is wrong and find all truth in every area of your life. The truth sets you free from the deaths. Every time you enter a night, it’s because there is something you need to know and in entering the darkness you are going to be able to see a light shining brightly that you couldn’t see before. When something is wrong with your body that you didn’t know about and symptoms have caused you to stop and worry, you are going to learn something. If you have the awareness of the death/resurrection principle, you are going to take this opportunity to find out what is wrong, what you didn’t know that caused it to happen, how to repair it, get your life back and stop it from happening again.

We have stored some of the past nights in our bodies. Negative experiences have happened to us long before we’ve had an awareness of why we enter dark places so we were not able to heal ourselves right away. These negative things locked away in our bodies often cause disease years later. During a massage, you can have what is called a “somatic response”. Therapists are trained in school to expect emotions to be released and often the memories associated with them. Posture can also be a map to inner tensions. A tight jaw, stiff neck, raised shoulders all show that stress has occurred and is unresolved and suppressed within. Massage dissolves tension and holding patterns and also the pain, worries and angers associated with them.

I would like to insert into your mind the concept of a complete healing, a seed that can sprout into a very exciting journey. By complete healing I mean becoming all that you can possibly be, physically and spiritually. When I was in the middle of my darkest night experience, I asked God to use it to make me all that I could possibly be. I didn’t at the time know exactly what that meant but it certainly sounded wonderful. So began an extraordinary journey.

The biggest principle I learned along this journey was that there is no one cure all. We all would like it to be that simple but complete healing is a journey to many places. There is a reason for that. You need to learn the principle that truth is hidden all over the place and the search is also so overwhelming that you have to turn to something inside of you, your special Guide, for direction. You walk into a health food store and look around. You’re skimming through a nutrition guide, you self-diagnose and believe that you have every symptom and need everything. You tell yourself, ‘Heal myself? I’m not a doctor. I don’t have any business figuring this out for myself!’

You are your own best doctor but that statement is not as it sounds. You will find this out after you do some of the research on your own on the health issues that you are experiencing. You begin to ask questions and doors and windows open and you begin to realize that you’ve started down a unique path to your specific answers. You will also experience the comfort and peace of knowing that you haven’t taken full responsibility for your health because for one thing, you are still working with professionals, but also you see something greater than yourself at work. What is this something greater? It is called many things by all different groups of people. They all agree that it is the Divine Intelligence of the universe. I often think of God in the form of a great central computer that we can hook up to and access His all-knowingness, and His great plan, like the blueprint in the nucleus of a cell telling everything what to do. The information comes into us through the spiritual part of us. If you are open to such a relationship, it will happen and it will get you where you need to go for your particular health needs. This is no small thing. This is your unique channel. Only you can get yourself where you need to go that is best for you. No one else can do what you can do for yourself. No one else can even come close to doing what you can do for yourself. There are thousands of allopathic and naturopathic doctors each with their own specialty and each with their own energy. Who but you can find the one that best suits you? There are thousands of practitioners of many, many modalities of alternative healing. It’s overwhelming trying to figure out what to do and who to go to. You need Divine guidance from an all-knowing Source. The awareness of this alone opens up the experience of it.

To begin this journey, I highly recommend Kevin Trudeau’s second book More Natural Cures Revealed and his web site Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater because so many think he's still the kind of person he was when he went to jail decades ago. He has put tremendous energy into becoming a huge resource center for researching how to stay healthy and how to find natural cures for health issues. The drama surrounding what he is doing, and that he is continuing to create by revealing more information to the public that rock the boat, doesn't matter. He's a very unusual do gooder. He says he has no affiliation with any of the companies or products recommended which keeps his focus on finding the best things available out there for you to look into. He says he's only making money from being an information center, i.e. his web site and books. His book on getting out of debt may or may not be your cup of tea but his health books are very helpful. You may want to start with his first book Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About so you don’t miss out on anything he has to offer to help you do your homework and find what you think may be right for you and run it by your inner Guide and your doctor.

If you have a health issue that is not resolving itself, your body needs something else and More Natural Cures is organized in such a way as to make it a very handy reference to remedies and the websites to research them. Trudeau has also done an exceptional job of telling people what they need to do to stay well. There is no way you can do it all but even if you did a fourth of what he mentions, it would make a significant difference in how you feel. These are his comments about therapeutic massage. In chapter six of Natural Cures, “How to Never Get Sick Again”, item number 16 is “Get a full-body Swedish and/or deep tissue massage on a regular basis.” He then lists benefits (see below) and ends them with “There are many kinds of massages. Each masseuse gives a different massage. You may like one and not the other. I get at least one massage a week. They are highly therapeutic, and I recommend you get as many as you can as often as you can. Use different people to experience the full range of treatments.”

Natural Cures, page 138

“The benefits of massage are reflected in your:

Circulatory System by:
~ helping to develop a stronger heart
~ improving oxygen supply to cells
~ improving the supply of nutrients to cells
~ elimination of metabolic wastes
~ decreasing blood pressure
~ increasing circulation of lymph nodes

Digestive System by:
~ relaxing the abdominal and intestinal muscles
~ relieving tension
~ stimulating activity of liver and kidneys
~ elimination of waste materials

Muscular System by:
~ relaxing or stimulating muscles
~ strengthening muscles and connective tissue
~ helping to keep muscles flexible and pliable
~ relieving soreness, tension, and stiffness

Nervous System by:
~ stimulating motor nerves points
~ relieving restlessness and insomnia
~ promoting a sense of well-being
~ relieving pain

Respiratory System by:
~ developing respiratory muscles

Lymphatic System by:
~ cleansing the body of metabolic waste
~ draining sluggish lymph nodes

Integumentary System (the skin) by:
~ stimulating blood to better nourish skin
~ improving tone and elasticity of skin
~ helping to normalize glandular functions

Skeletal System by:
~ improving body alignment
~ relieving stiff joints
~ relieving tired aching feet”

As you heal yourself, you will find yourself healing others along the way. We are brought to those we can help because we are in the same place of suffering they are or we have been there. It is no accident. Helping one another brings in an energy that is extremely healing and also affects the universe. This is a very special love “chi”. At the end of The Isaiah Effect, Gregg Braden discusses what it would take to bring peace to the world. He says that one school suggests a crisis of immense proportions threatening earth. At the end of the discussion he tells a story about nine children who had become friends during their time at the Special Olympics camp in1998. “One morning they found themselves competing together on the same track, in the same event. At the sound of the starting gun, they were off toward the finish line at the other end of the course. It was a young boy with Down’s syndrome that made this account so powerful. As the other competitors bounded down the track using whatever skills they had to work toward the finish, this special boy slowed down and looked back to the starting line. He saw that one of his teammates had fallen at the beginning of the race and was struggling to stand up.
The boy with Down’s syndrome suddenly stopped, turned, and began walking back toward his friend. One by one, each of the other competitors realized what was happening, turned and followed, until they had retraced their steps to the point where they had begun. Lifting their friend to his feet, they locked arms, and together walked down the track to the finish. In that moment those nine children redefined the rules of the competition. With the clock still ticking away, they moved beyond the limits of time and sport to create an experience where they each finished in their own way, all at the same time. It made no sense for one of them to arrive at the finish without the others.”
What is it going to take for us to stop needing to win by the downfall of others? What is it going to take to respect each other’s path and help each other get to where we need to be? What needs to take place in each of us to be able to love one another?


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