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Massage, Love and Quantum Physics

“…matter and energy are the same stuff. Matter is nothing but an expression of energy in a different form, and energy is matter accelerated to the speed of light.”
The Chiropractic Way, Michael Lenartz, D.C.

“If this is so, then all the atoms and sub-atomic particles making up the human body are also a kind of frozen energy as well. This means people can be considered complex bundles of frozen energy! Since all energy vibrates and oscillates at different rates, then, at least at the atomic
level, the human body is really composed of different kinds of vibrating energy.”
A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber, M.D.

“The life force, or chi, is present on the two primary forces, yang and yin. These are dualities or polarities reflecting opposite states in continual interchange. Yang is pure energy [higher vibrating energies] corresponding to heaven; yin is substance [lower vibrating energies] and represents earth.”
Staying Healthy With the Seasons, Elson M. Haas, M.D.

Eastern, Alternative, Holistic, Homeopathic - energy or vibrational medicines are based on Einsteinian and Quantum Physics. Man is mind, soul and body, which to me is understood much clearer when we say that man is spiritual and physical, the only difference being how fast the energy is moving. It is distinguished in this way, spiritual and physical, in order to discuss what functions are primarily but not exclusively taking place in each of these faster and slower vibrating energies. To clarify this further, what is being said here is that where the physical ends and the spiritual starts is not a clearly defined line and this must be kept in mind as we discuss health. Conventional medicine only acknowledges the part of man that is vibrating slower, what we refer to as the ‘physical body.’ Physicians are taught molecular-biology’s answers to curing the dysfunction of the body at the cellular level. In theory, the molecular biologist “is suggesting that physicians could treat all human illnesses if only they knew the specific molecular causes of diseases”. Conventional medicine is not addressing what a man really is. Man is not just a biomachine. The reasons why diseases occur are also because of something emotional and spiritual going on in the higher vibrating energy that is occupying the same space as the lower vibrating energy. You cannot separate these two vibrations. If a person has a problem, there will be an affect, a disturbance, manifesting itself in the higher and lower vibrating energies going on in that part of the person.
The cells of our lower vibrating energy, the physical body, are fed by the various nutrients that we get from food, water and air. These cells are also fed by the life force energy, “chi” (speed of light nutrients), flowing primarily through the meridians where chi is more concentrated. Are the meridians part of the higher vibrating spiritual (subtle) bodies or the lower vibrating physical body? Do lower vibrating physical nutrients effect the higher vibrating bodies? Do the higher vibrating “chi” nutrients effect the lower vibrating body? If you see what a man is then you don’t need to answer these questions because you are no longer separating him into spiritual and physical parts as if they could be separated. An apple will be processed by both the higher and lower vibrating energies that make up what man is. The lower vibrating energy processes the flow, or lack thereof, of love and it does it simultaneously with the higher vibrating energy. How do the cells of ‘the physical body’ process love? People die of a broken heart. “The flow of nutrient life energy from the environment to each of the seven chakra-linked body regions is strongly affected by the way we process different emotional and spiritual issues of human development. When a person has a chronic problem in dealing with the emotional and spiritual issues associated with a particular chakra, the resulting constriction of life-energy flow to the body zone linked to that chakra can sometimes manifest a ‘dis-ease’ or ‘health challenge’”. (A Practical Guide)

Love is the strongest vibrational flow that comes into, and is processed by, the higher and lower vibrating energies of a man. It is our greatest defense against aging and disease. It is our spiritual immune system. What we think of ourselves, “our relationship to others and to God are of great importance to the sustenance and support of a healthy body”. ( A Practical Guide )

Your heart gives off 5,000 times the healing energy of your brain. You need to go on the spiritual journey and become the person you want to be and love who you are and the people around you need to make you feel respected and beautiful. Lose if the opposite of low self-esteem. When you have finished most of your spiritual homework and see what is happening to you, your outside life is going to begin to mirror what is going on in your heart. You need to be excited about where you are and what you can attract in your life. As the hold of the past and you become who you really are, you need to feel the life that is coming before it's time for you to have it. And you need to find that special someone. If you want to live a long time, your heart needs to be in love.

If you don’t think that we are a desperate people, needy beyond belief for this great medicine, watch Dr. Phil’s show. The pain of needing love makes people do insane things to get it and to keep it, no matter what the consequences are of the increasingly unhealthy things that are present in the relationship as well. It is for this reason that it is vitally important for a person to be at a high level of being emotionally whole and then find their perfect mate… in that order! You do not have the option of not being emotionally whole and finding that perfect person and the relationship working. It’s not just a matter of finding the right person. If you are not marriageable material, you will do damage to each other, bringing each others’ health to a place where it is much worse. If relationships are failing and it’s killing you, stop what you’re doing. Get yourself to where you need to go for help and do your spiritual homework. If you’ve done your homework and relationships are still failing, make a better list of what you’re supposed to be looking for and stick to it. In either case, the desperate reaching for this amazing flow, no matter how painful, must be pushed aside momentarily in order to do one of these two things if you are going to find love and keep it flowing.

How does this relate to massage? Massage is quickly becoming more and more popular in these lonely times. It is loving, caring, and compassionate touch and therefore can very strongly affect a person. “Massage is a method that uses “touch or movement directly to affect the muscles, bones, and tissues of the physical body. At the same time they access the etheric body and facilitate changes in the emotional body.” “Studies have shown that infants…become physically and psychologically stunted when touch is absent. In a crisis, touch is an automatic part of the support we give others, and is in itself very healing. Massage is quite simply a formalized, focused form of touch.” (The Complete Book of Energy Medicines, Helen E. Dziemidko, M.D). The touch of an emotionally healthy man and a woman is unique and the strongest of all healing energies.

It is a universal law that a relationship is at the center of our lives and whether we choose to accept it or not, no matter how perfect you make your life, you will still have a very dysfunctional life apart from being able to share and enjoy it with a significant other. No single person is okay! If you've been destroyed by a relationship, sure you're better off without one and you surely shouldn't be going into another until you are healed from the damage, but you are not okay until you get that healing you need and get into a healthy relationship. Life can be pictured like a wheel with spokes. A male and female are the hub in the middle. This is the core of the yin and yang balance of ones' life. The spokes are the different aspects of life; home, family, friends, job, sports, recreation, entertainment, food, etc. None of these things are in balance unless the center is in balance. I'm going to say that again, your life is not in balance until the yin and yang at the center are in place and in balance. You can be very successful at your business but what does that matter if the kids are not being raised by a emotionally together mother and father. What does all the money in the world mean if you are making it and using it to run away from your pain. You are kidding yourself if you think doing extra well in one place makes up for the center not being what it's supposed to be. That is where it all starts and how it's all fed. It's the foundation of the building. There is nothing like the energy created by a relationship and how it effects our bodies and our lives. What a new car or a great game of golf and getting drunk with your friends does is very temporary and these things will run out of the power they have to stop the pain. You can make the best of being single and get everything about your mind, body and soul in as healthy shape as humanly possible and at the end of this road you will only feel the pain of your singleness more. You have to have the one long term cure at the root of the problem. People who are happily married live longer than those who are dealing with the emptiness of being alone. Love is an energy that interacts with us like a magic cure all because that is exactly what it is.

You cannot have the healthy relationship that keeps your body healthy if you are in need of spiritual help. If you are unhappily married, it's not love, it's some other glue is holding that marriage, kids, religion, codependency, fear of being alone, huge fear of divorce, etc. I wonder how many of the 50% of marriages that are surviving come under this category? There are two main things that are a problem today. Your painful past will sabotage being able to have the ideal relationship. The other is the deterioration of the yin and yang balance mostly by the feminist movement. The emotions from your past are not something you want in control. You want them to be brought to the surface, relived and discharged giving you back your power and control. This is called reverie therapy. This is the holistic approach. Taking about your past and learning how to control it is allopathic. The one kills the root the other is a bandade...a very expensive bandade. Scientology's dianetics is the most systematic and effective form of reverie therapy. Remission therapy, regression therapy and soul retrieval are also forms of reverie that are effective. Just make sure you aren't just sitting there and talking about your life. That is western psychology only dealing with the lower frequencies and will not heal your soul. To see what has happened to relationships watch what Carrie does to sabotage her relationship with tall, dark and handsome Aiden, a perfect man, in the third season of Sex and the City beginning with the episode called "drama queens". It is TV and over kill, and maybe in reality guys can only be half as perfect as Aiden but the shoe fits. There is a problem and it is so bad Carrie knows Aiden's perfect and knows she's sabotaging the relationship. She started off making drama out of nothing and it progressed to real drama until it blew up. Carrie is a total screwed up playgirl worse than a man, worse than Mr. Big, whom she's constantly complaining about. She does not want to be married anytime soon and doesn't know if she will ever want to. She's completely disfunctional in relationships and not marriageble. She knows Aiden wants a wife and family and she doesn't care that she's not what he wants. He's a cute guy and she's needy so she's not going to say anything. She going to use him and mess with his head because she can. Scene after scene, she's beyond horrid to him and you can't believe what he puts up with and how he's nothing but incredibly sweet and bending over backwards for her. Not only does she break his heart once, months later she does her sexy thing and lures him back into her life, says I do when he asks her to marry him and sabotages it again. It's disgusting to watch her and what's more disgusting is that guys really go for women like this. They say they don't want drama but are attracted to it like flies to fly paper. People are insane and out of control and know it. The other thing to do is read Dr. Schlessinger's The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. What Dr. Schlessinger addresses is the male/ female dynamic. In addition to sabotaging, people have lost sight of the original design that works. The genders are confused and there's a painful war going on because and woman get too masculine in their roles and men play the feminine role and we've become attracted to these imbalances!!! We need some serious reprogramming.


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