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Massage and Reiki

I have completed the four levels and received the attunements required to be a Reiki Master. Reiki is a hands-on healing method that was developed in Japan at the beginning of the twentieth century by a scholar and theologian named Mikao Usui. Usui named the healing energy force "Reiki" which means "universal life force energy". Using the method draws in and releases blocked energy and balances your chakras. You have seven major chakras, areas of your body that healing energy enters in a very powerful way. “Chakra” means “wheel” and they are pictured as revolving, colored vortices of energy as well as different lotus flowers signifying their unfolding. Your chakras are attached to your spinal cord and they connect your physical body to the spiritual part of you. When you have a gut feeling, sixth sense, insight, intuition, or guidance from God, that information came through a chakra. If you’ve witnessed a miraculous healing, that energy came through a chakra. The chakras are connected by the meridian system. This system is a spiritual circulatory system for the flow of energy also called “chi”, which is our life force. If one minute you didn’t feel like doing anything, the next you did, something happened that drew in or unblocked your chi and it is now flowing like it’s supposed to. Acupressure points are gates along the meridians for the flow of subtle energy to the cells and organs of the physical body. This flow through the chakra pathways is strongly affected by our emotions and spiritual state.

There is an “aura”, an electromagnetic field and subtle (subtle-energetic) bodies, that surrounds and interpenetrates, at a higher frequency, the physical body. This field is the spiritual part of you. The subtle bodies are in four layers; the etheric body (your instincts), the emotional body (your emotions), the mental body (where you think) and the causal body (your intuition). The etherial body is most in contact with the physical body and the causal body is most in contact with God, His omnipotence and omniscience, the Nucleus of the universe containing the great plan of history, the Source of the chi energy, Universal Intelligence and Guidance or whatever name you wish to put for it. The mental and emotional bodies are sandwiched between these two. The four layers can also be visualized as files. Energy from the body gets stored in the aura and energy from the Universe is stored and retrieved from the various files in the aura. Some people can see a person’s aura. It can be Kirlian photographed, photography taken in the presence of a high frequency electrical field, and will appear in colors that have negative and positive meanings denoting strengths and weaknesses. It can be felt as a vibration with the hands of a healer and cleared of blockages.

You cannot separate the physical and spiritual parts of your being. Reiki very selfconsciously treats both simultaneuosly. A dysfunction in our body’s flow of energy causes a physical dysfunction. Disturbances of the energetic information in the etheric body could contribute to the development of an illness. It is possible that many diseases begin, not in our physical tissues, but as a disrupted pattern in the higher frequency spiritual bodies. In order to feel good we need our physical and spiritual circulatory systems functioning at optimum levels. Reiki can be used in conjunction with massage to help achieve that optimum condition.

Our physical and spiritual bodies cannot be separated, nor can we separate ourselves from our environment. Everything affects everything else. Specific colors - looking at them, wearing them, eating them - activate specific chakras. This is why some holistic doctors will use gems and crystals that give off certain frequencies and vibrations, and not just in terms of color, to heal particular ailments. Below you will find a brief outline of the chakras, what color affects them and what gland and organs, the endocrine system of the body, they are most attached to. The imbalances hinder the flow of chi to the organ/gland, disrupting the job of its chemical messengers that are regulating specific parts of the the body. For instance, if you have chronic low self-esteem or you are single and have a sense of overwhelming responsibility, your pancreas is suffering. If you worry too much, you can have pancreatic burnout leading to hypoglycemia.

The First Chakra
The base chakra or ‘muladhara’ (a “root” pulling from the earth) ensures our survival, our physical existence, and nourishes the rest of the chakras.
1. Color - Red
2. Location – Base of spine, between legs
3. Glands – Adrenals – the cortex of the adrenal glands produce the steroid hormones, glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid and androgens and estrogens. The medulla of the adrenals produce norepinephrine and epinephrine for the “flight or fight” energy rushes.
4. Imbalances -
4.1. Lack of energy
4.2. No enthusiasm for life
4.3. Need for continual excitement and stimulation
4.4. Life seems dull and meaningless, lack of drive or motivation
4.5. Sense of detachment
4.6. Sense of a loss of control or powerlessness
4.7. Confusion, loss of direction
4.8. Feeling threatened or unsafe in the world
7. Action Energies – bringing goals, purposes and desires into action

The Second Chakra
The sacral chakra or ‘swadisthana’ is reservoir of life energy, chi, and where it is channeled and directed to the rest of the body. It is the body’s center of gravity.
1. Color – Orange
2. Location – 2” below navel, above pubic bone, in front of pelvis
3. Organs / glands – Primarily the reproductive organs (procreation and the womb of creativity), the large intestine, where water is regulated, and bladder
4. Imbalances -
4.1. Poor balance of bodily fluids which leads to poor elimination of toxins and waste products
4.2. Emotionally upset digestive system, constipation
4.3. The accumulation of difficult and negative circumstances, unsolvable problems
4.4. Shock, pain, trauma
4.5. Stress created blocks and immobility
4.6. Rigidity of joints such as arthritis
4.7. Loss of sense of movement and sense of balance
4.8. Feelings of insecurity and emotional neediness
4.9. Spiritual hunger
4.10. Hormones out of balance
4.11. Emotions out of balance
4.12. Sexual dysfunction
4.13. Chronic pelvic infections or bladder problems
6. Stabilizing Energies – brings security, money, healing, balanced emotional and physical health so that one can go out into the world with improved social interaction, enjoyment of experience, exploration and artistic contributions

The Third Chakra
The solar plexus chakra or ‘manipura’ in Chinese is called the triple heater, due to the heat generated during digestion. It is the seat of our sense of personal power to feel self-confident giving us the ability to achieve our personal goals. It is also referred to as the “fuse box” of the body because there are large concentrations of nerve tissue located there. .
1. Element - Fire
2. Color – Yellow
3. Location – Above navel and below diaphragm, between the twelfth thoracic vertebrae and the first lumbar vertebrae
4. Organs / Glands – the pancreas – performs both exocrine and endocrine functions - . The pancreas is part of the digestive system secreting digestive enzymes to break down protein, fats and carbohydrates. Its endocrine function is to produce glucagon and insulin. Glucagon releases stored glucose from the liver to increase the blood glucose level. Insulin is a key hormone in carbohydrate metabolism, the process of assimilating and processing glucose, or sugar, the major fuel for the body and the brain.
5. Imbalances – (element emotion – worry and obsession)
5.1. A nervous stomach
5.2. The solar plexus acts like a library categorizing everything the body encounters so that our defense systems know what to act upon and what not to act upon. An intolerance or allergy would be and imbalance. If the body is not recognizing nutrients properly, it doesn’t matter how healthy we eat we will be undernourished and suffer a deficiency imbalance. Our stressful lifestyles and polluted environment is often overwhelming to the solar plexus.
5.3. Also as a library, it stores information and experiences and if something goes wrong, for instance, these things are introduced too soon or not filed correctly, there is discomfort, fear and confusion in the memory and the information cannot be retrieved correctly when needed to integrate with a new experience.
5.4. Misunderstandings and incorrect associations
5.5. The chakra is associated with fire. Fire gives warmth and comfort as well as fear, anxiety and even terror which will then drive all the other everyday emotions. The mind is then flooded with myriads of ‘what if’ scenarios manifesting itself as high emotions or a lack of confidence and courage.
5.6. Introversion
5.7. Shame, punishment, humiliation, and anger because our personal power is threatened to be taken away by people in dominant positions usurping their authority
5.8. Believing we are superior or inferior to others (chronic low self-esteem)
5.9. An overwhelming sense of responsibility
5.10. Blaming others
5.11. Not experiencing who we are
5.12. Learning problems and memory difficulties
5.13. Ulcers
6. Mental Energies – increases happiness, joy, celebration, healthy pride and self-esteem, creativity, inventiveness, logic, mental power, concentration, will power, ingenuity

The Fourth Chakra
The heart chakra or ‘anahata’ regulates our interaction with the world making sure that we don’t become either too involved or too remote from it, keeping a balance between personal needs and the needs of others, the balance between the inner life and the outer. This chakra allows you to live and let live.
1. Element – Air
2. Color – Green / Pink
3. Location – Near the center of the breastbone
4. Glands – the thymus – the master immunity-regulating gland – It is a lymphatic tissue where T lymphocytes – a type of white blood cell – are produced and trained to recognize foreign antigens
5. Imbalances -
5.1. Not able to love and accept imperfect self
5.2. Withholding love for fear of being hurt
5.3. Selfish, demanding, possessive, constricting
5.4. Feeling threatened and insecure by the controlling games of other insecure people and playing out this same inherited patterns yourself with others
5.5. Not able to have healthy, loving peaceful relationships
5.6. Lack of spiritual growth due to restraints
5.7. Not able to achieve our maximum potential due to restraints
5.8. Not knowing your heart’s desires
5.9. Not knowing what you believe
5.10. Not having what you want
5.11. Not following your heart
5.12. Not being who you are
5.13. Lacking caring and compassion
5.14. Bitterness and resentment
5.15. Breast cancer
5.16. Caught in games, drama, dysfunction
5.17. Love issues, not having your other half
5.18. Feeling separation and need
7. Emotional Energies – bringing positive communication in growing relationships that are associated with love, respect and acceptance

The Fifth Chakra
The throat chakra or ‘vishuddha’ rules our expression and speaking of all kinds. Through the throat we communicate what we feel inside such as our thoughts and emotions.
1. Element – Ether
2. Color – Light Blue
3. Location – In the throat area between the two clavicle bones
4. Glands – thyroid and parathyroid - regulate the body’s metabolism
5. Imbalances –
5.1. Not listening to others
5.2. Not being in tune with the true meaning of what someone is saying
5.3 Putting the worst interpretation on things
5.4. Taking things as being critical of oneself
5.5. Living in the imagination or fantasy world
5.6. Not being able to follow one’s will – not living what one expresses to be – lack of self-discipline – substance abuse
5.7. Physical and emotional tension/blocks traced back to some feeling that was never expressed
5.8. No dreams, no growth
5.9. Criticism and judgment of our expression
5.10. Not speaking one’s truth
5.11. Frustration
5.12. Fighting / shouting
5.13. Language barriers, both physical and spiritual, that push people away
5.14. Lies and deceptions, propaganda, gossip
5.15. Not saying what needs to be said
5.16. Not being able to say what you want to say
5.17. Doubt and uncertainty
5.18. Chronic throat problems
5.19. In another place and not connecting, not being part of a team
6. Calming Energies – bring peace, harmony, rest and stillness within to be able to hear guidance from within and to be able to express our soul. Open and in communication

The Sixth Chakra
The brow chakra or ‘ajna’ means “one who commands” because it enters a state of quietness and observation and changes reality. This chakra is also called the third eye and refers to the sixth sense. It is a seat of understanding and higher senses where we see with our mind how the world is. This is where we have the awareness to see that our body is not all that we are.
1. Color – Indigo ‘Blue Jean” Blue
2. Location – Centered between the two eyebrows
3. Glands – Pituitary – Controls growth and development and helps regulate all glands
4. Imbalances -
4.1. Rigid thoughts
4.2. Irritability
4.3. Confusion and indecision
4.4. Not seeing differences and distinctions
4.5. Jumping to conclusions
4.6. Not knowing truth
4.7. Making assumptions
4.8. Materialistic
4.9. Eye diseases
4.10. Psychosis
5. Calming Energies – cause the third eye to detach from emotions for clear seeing, understanding and perspective using left brained practicality and higher wisdom leading to good choices.

The Seventh Chakra
The crown chakra or “sahasrara” means “thousand fold” or infinity and is the spiritual place of our contact with God. From this place we ask questions like “Why am I here?” initiating a search for answers...the spiritual journey. Our frontal cortex develops and functions at a higher level as we evolve in spiritual awareness.
1. Color – Violet is the dominant color, but the dominant color of all the chakras are reflected here and unite with the violet to form the white light of divine consciousness
2. Location – The crown of the head
3. Glands – Pineal –Along with the thalamus and hypothalamus it controls body temperature, water balance, appetite, heart rate, sleep patterns and emotions
4. Imbalances -
4.1. Not processing light and dark
4.2. Disturbed sleep patterns, nightmares
4.3. Not allowing things to change, fear of change
4.4. Closed way of thinking
4.5. Unfulfilled, depression
4.6. Spiritually asleep
4.7. Not reaching for the answers to the deeper questions
4.8. Lack of spiritual growth and a hunger for spiritual things
4.9. Out of touch with spiritual phenomenon
4.10. Not knowing the purpose and meaning of life
4.11. Caught in the physical circumstances
4.12. In the wrong spiritual world
4.13. Self righteous, not wrong
4.14. Lack of mystical brokenness
4.15. Spiritually dangerous

5. Divine Energies – opening us up and reminding us that more is possible and creating the future. Awareness of evolutionary mystical shifts, experiencing the metaphysical, knowing God personally, charismatic gifts, a healing heart for the world, intense dreams/visions.

Louise Hay has written several books with charts showing which parts of the body are effected by which thoughts or feelings. Karol Truman also discusses the subject in her book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. There are many things people can read depending on where they are spiritually that will help them deal with the emotions that are effecting their body. I don't agree with everything I read but all of it helps me find what is needed. There is an absolute truth that we will all find in the end but for the moment we are experiencing truth being relative, what works for where we are now. Everyone has a different idea on what truth is and what they believe is working for them for the moment. So we have to say go with what works for you now and when it doesn't find something else that does. It has taken a lot of 'truth's that we thought were true and that made us feel better for the moment to get us this far. Even though it has its bad side we need to respect where everyone is until we can get to the end. The only way we can change others is to support where they are so you can be there when they are ready to hear what is going to change them. Set your truths aside and learn about everything so you can support them and be there. This is what it means to be a healer.

We are not in heaven where all truth has set us free from pain and disease, but we are trying to be there and are doing a better job all the time in more remarkable ways as we become more spiritually aware. If you've ever heard that disease may be ancient history in time, you can get some understanding of this from these two sources. In The Mystery of 2012, chap. "The Mystery of AD 2012", Karl Maret tells us that new technology is coming out in the field of mind-body medicine in the area of light and sound healing that will have a direct effect on the chakra system. These medical devices will give off the same thing that is measured in a Reiki healers hands. These developments are a result of researchers discovering the effect of emotions, thoughts and even your belief system on your DNA and your health. You've probably heard of the little black boxes that put alternative medicine doctors in jail because they are so effective and would shut a huge portion of Western medicine down. There is a very interesting interview on, Steven Ross on the Royal Rife Story. There is coming the day when too many brilliant doctors and researchers are going to run into this and there will be no way to shut it down.


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