Sunday, April 30, 2006

Massage and Chiropractics

“Every year millions of people use chiropractics to eliminate their pain, and in the process they discover a new approach to health and well-being.”

“There are three layers of cells that appear first at the very beginning of embryonic development: the ectoderm, the mesoderm and the endoderm…the ectoderm gives rise to both the skin and the nervous system [the beginning of the marriage of massage and chiropractics!].”

Your body has a communication system made up of the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. On a very simple level, if you touch a hot stove, the nervous system sends a signal of pain from the hand to the spine and then a signal to remove your hand is sent back. When a massage therapist lightly strokes the skin with repetitive movements, the receptors in the skin respond in such a way as to relax the central nervous system and you enter the healing beta level. Messages like these are being sent all over the body all the time to keep it running properly.

“’What difference was there in the two persons that caused one to have pneumonia…typhoid or rheumatism, while his partner, similarly situated, escaped?’… Palmer theorized that many conditions of ill health were…due to misaligned vertebrae in the spine, which interfered with the nerve signals sent from the brain through the spinal cord to the rest of the body.”

“…chiropractic uses manual manipulation, or adjustments, of the spine to correct large or small misalignments that have affected the proper flow of communication between the brain, the nervous system, and the rest of the body. Once the spine is realigned to its proper position, the nerves can do their job without impediment, and the patient experiences greater health.”

“At the school of Hippocrates, the beliefs of conventional medicine and the principles that today underlie chiropractic were one and the same… the job of the Hippocratic physician was to help the body preserve balance… Instead of focusing on the disease itself, physicians were directed to get the patient healthy primarily through exercise, diet, manipulation, and rest, and then the disease would be eliminated.”

“The function of chiropractic is not to heal disease or even to relieve pain, although both of these effects may occur in the course of chiropractic treatment. Ultimately, the goal of the chiropractic art is to restore the body to its natural state, which is one of radiant health. In pursuit of this art, chiropractors work with the body’s own energy, guiding bones and tissues that have been damaged through trauma or misuse back to their correct positions. When the bones and soft tissues are returned to their proper states, the vital pathway between the brain and the body, is restored. Then the chemical, neurological, and mechanical processes of the body function as they are supposed to.”
“…we need to take care of our spines on a regular basis…”

During a chiropractic adjustment your bone is not just being moved back into place from an abnormal position. “The joint is being made to remember its full range of movement” by being brought back to its normal position “and then to the full extent of its passive range of motion.” If at first a massage therapist has relaxed you and relaxed all the muscles attached to that joint, you can visualize the benefit easily. Without that tension, the adjustment is going to be easier, more comfortable and there is going to be more joint movement. As you’re on your way home you are going to notice that it’s given a new name to being able to turn your head as you look over to make that lane change and the adjustment is going to last longer.

(note: all quotes are from The Chiropractic Way, Michael Lenarz, D.C.}


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