Benevolent Energies

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

The benefits of therapeutic massage seem endless. The following is a list of some of the benefits you will experience.

Cardiovascular System

~ Massage increases blood circulation improving the delivery of nutrients to the cells of the body. This means that you have more energy.

Lymphatic System

~ Massage aids in the movement of your lymph flow which removes toxins and waste byproducts of your body’s everyday functions. This means that you feel better and recover from exercise faster.

Muscular System

~ Massage releases muscles that are contracted because of chronic holding patterns. This means that you have better range of motion and better posture.
~ Massage tones muscles and stimulates weak, flaccid muscles. This prevents muscular atrophy.
~ Massage increases blood flow to the joints relaxing tensions in the muscles that attach to the joint. This increases joint flexibility.

Immune System/Nervous System

~ Due to unrelieved stress, the pituitary gland continues releasing cortisone unchecked suppressing the immune and nervous systems leaving the body defenseless against viruses. Massage breaks this cycle. This means that you feel calmer and do not get sick as easily.

Mental Aspects

~ Massage causes deep relaxation to take place taking you into the slower ‘Alpha’ frequency that recharges you even better than sleep relieving both physical and mental fatigue. While in this quieted state, our body releases endorphins that relieve pain and induce feelings of contentment. This means that you have improved white-cell response to stress and you will be less accident prone. This also means that you have more clarity and direction, an overall sense of well being and a more positive attitude towards life and daily situations.

If you have an acute or chronic health condition, please check with your doctor before receiving a massage since increasing circulation can aggravate some of those conditions. Please see the contraindications link of this web site for the common conditions that require special attention.

Your body knows what it needs and will take the benevolent energy through the hands of the therapist and heal itself with it in many ways that we are both conscious and unconscious of. The benevolent energies enter the body, the soul and the spirit to promote the prosperity, the happiness and good of everyone.