Benevolent Energies

Dolly Flanagan, LMT

My first introduction to the benefits of massage therapy was during my recovery from a very serious health condition thirteen years ago. It was at this time that being a massage therapist had become my dream and remained so for many years until I was able to finally fulfill it. I can’t tell you exactly how it happens but when you experience pain very deeply, you end up with a heart to help others who are suffering. I can still remember lying in my bed when I first felt those feelings. There would be more to what I wanted to do because massage therapy is only one small part of something much bigger.

Due to stress, I lost all the chemicals in my body. I refer to what I went through as a “health condition” because it did not have a name. It was very rare to have this happen. The way a patient was treated for this by Western medicine was to announce to their family that this person was crazy and institutionalize and drug the patient so they wouldn’t feel their ‘imaginary’ pain. So began my journey into Eastern medicine if I was to have a life again. The man who rescued me was a naturopathic doctor in Oregon. I will never forget how this doctor gave me his cell phone number and told me that I could call him anytime. He knew the terrifying torture chamber my body had become and how others in the condition I was in had committed suicide. Then five years later, I required the genius of a chiropractor and holistic doctor in Southern California who, equally sacrificing, stayed up late at night helping patients. With his help I was able to go back to work and began to have a normal life again still being very careful and struggling very hard to get it all back.

With this all behind me and finishing school, I now have the time to help others as I had committed to myself to do. I am doing this in two ways. Through this website I am sharing with you what I feel is important for you to be familiar with in making important health decisions. Eastern and Western medicine each have specific contributions they make to the area of health that everyone should know. I also offer my outcall services as a licensed massage therapist. I graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy having completed their 815 hour Professional Massage Therapy Course in March of 2006. I am a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.